We believe everyone is called to embark on a journey of becoming their best self.

We believe that when we follow our unique calling, when we offer our gifts and talents for the service of others, we make this world a better place. Therefore, we strive to help each person to build a strong foundation in all aspects of their lives in these 5 pillars: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and financial.

When it comes to the financial pillar, there are plenty of noises and uncertainty out there… We come to realize that the traditional financial planning or advising is not accurate or relevant to the current market reality… More specifically, the advising in the financial and life insurance industry is often times misleading, or may not have the best interest of the clients in mind, and it shields the control of the capital from the clients… And then, it can be flat-out dangerous, because it exposes the clients to the market risk and volatility that a potential harmful impact can only be felt or detected in the later years of their lives.

At InfiniteJoy Financial, we are here to challenge the status quo in the financial and life insurance industry. We always put our clients’ best interests in all we do. We provide our clients solutions and products that are safe, liquid, leverage-able, fully controlled and accessible, as they build a strong financial foundation for their families. Through sound, comprehensive education, and by maximizing the potential and efficiency of their financial resources, we also help them grow, from a financial literacy standpoint to a life-giving financial stewardship.


To empower and guide people on their own, unique, predictable journey to joy, peace and prosperity, while helping them build a long lasting legacy.

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